January 6, 2016


3 Reasons Your Friend Should Not Be Your Agent

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3 Reasons Your Friend Should Not Be Your Agent

Friends and family are your life! You share memories, hardships, successes and failures with each other. However, there is a “golden rule” that you should not mix business and family or business and friends, and there is some truth to that. I was prospecting an expired listing the other day, and the seller told me they were going to use their friend to list, if they decide to list. I didn’t press too hard because that’s not my style, but I felt very sad for this seller. Why didn’t they select their friend when they first decided to list? Why are they selecting their friend to list now, especially when this agent is not even in the top 50% of producing agents? Inevitably, this will lead to failure and another seller thinking that all Realtors are the same. I’m not here to convince you to list your home, I’m here to assist you getting it sold!

Anyway, here’s the top 3 Reasons Your Friend Should Not Be Your Agent.


Your Friendship Will Change.
Image courtesy of www.SlideModel.com
Image courtesy of www.SlideModel.com

This is not a question, but a fact. You are entrusting your friend to oversee one of the largest financial transactions in your life! Whether good or bad, things will be different. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

You Will Be Disappointed.

Unless you are extremely specific in your expectations and hold your friend/agent accountable, you will not be satisfied. Sometimes it is hard to bring up any issues for fear that you might be undervaluing your friend’s expertise. Other times, they may be frustrated with you and not say anything for the same reasons. If you don’t say anything, you lose. If you do say something, you might lose too, unless expectations are specific on both sides.

You Will Lose a Friend.

Doing business with a friend is a risk. Are you willing to risk your friendship over the sale of your home? This is a question you must weigh. On one hand, you have someone whom you know you can trust, but what if that trust is damaged?

So there you have it. 3 Reasons Your Friend Should Not Be Your Agent.

However, there is one caveat.

If you are hiring a friend or family member to assist you in the largest financial transaction of your life primarily because they’re a top producing agent, with a proven track record, and they just happen to be your friend as well – then you should absolutely hire them! Your trust should be in their services that they can deliver, like professional photography, video tours, single property websites, etc., rather than them as a person. Once you find a Realtor who’s services you can trust, you’ll want to make sure they provide you with consistent, relevant updates to hold them accountable. This is the trust you should be looking for when selling your home.

If you need an agent who you can trust provides Extraordinary Service and Extraordinary Results, well, I just happen know a guy!

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